Professional Success in Poker

Poker is considered to be a dream profession by many, especially those who have learnt the game to some extent. Poker is truly one of the most exciting games in the world where you can dream of earning millions and at the same time it is extremely challenging. In fact, there are very few poker professionals who actually master the game and emerge as the winner.

To those who want to become professionally successful in poker, it is important to remember that you need to master the game well and learn to use the right strategies at the right time. Of course, everyone need not become a Phil Ivey or a Peter Eastgate, but you can definitely attain some level of success with poker. Here are some tips to become professionally successful in Poker by avoiding the common mistakes people often make.

Do not play all the hands

One of the biggest mistakes amateur poker players make is that they go about playing too many hands. This is because they believe the more they play, the more they will win. However, they should realize that it is not true. It is important that they should be selective about playing hands and concentrate on the hands that they are playing. Playing a tight pokergame is not a crime, certainly for new poker players!

Bluff only when you are sure

While playing pokers, some people, especially the amateur players bluff just for the sake of bluffing. They feel that bluffing is the easiest way to win. But this is wrong as this technique works only on certain specific situation. Therefore, if you want to be a successful poker player, master the dos and don’ts of bluff.

Never play when drunk

In action movies, the protagonists are often seen to gulp down their favorite drink till they become drunk in the casinos and still play and emerge as the game winner. But this is unlikely to happen in reality. As the game requires high degree of dedication and concentration, there are dim chances of winning when you are drunk. Successful poker players often stay away from alcohol at the casinos – a lesson to be learnt by everyone.

Pay attention to the table cards

When you are a newbie, it is obvious that you will pay attention mostly to the cards of your hand. But connoisseurs in poker often pay equal attention or more to the cards that are being played and are on the table. For example, in seven-card stud poker, you should focus on what people are folding before you call the opponent. You should also observe the other players or your opponents to know their moves. Poker is a psychological game and much can be achieved by observing and acting accordingly. At least that’s what successful pokers do. For example, if you know a player plays in a certain direction, it is easier for you to call a bluff and so on.

Choose a game by skill level

Successful players select the right game based on their skill level. Suppose you win huge money at $2/4, there is a tendency to jump to the higher level such as $5/10. But that may not suit your skill level and you may end up losing.


Tips on Becoming a Successful Poker Player

To become a successful poker player, you need not be a genius or a geek. All you need is a fair sense of the game, you need to master the tricks and rules and you need to be a diligent player with focus and attentiveness towards the game.


Learn the basic rules of poker game. It is not at all difficult to get access to the rules of poker games since there are ample websites that provide details in this regard. You could also take help from your friends who are good at poker since individuals always develop their own special ways to win a game. When you try to internalize the game tricks, be sure you apply them in order to learn the game in actual practice. Also do not clog your brain by exposing yourself to a number of poker games. Learn few games but learn them thoroughly. Otherwise you become a master of none. In other words, be a specialist in whatever you play.


If you wish to practice playing online poker before actually playing for money it would be a good idea to download an online poker room. The room allows you to play poker where you use fake money. The process is entirely like real poker that you play with money. Thus it gives the feel of real poker and at the same time helps you to master the game without having to spend money. When you start off, you are likely to goof up big time. Playing a real game can lead to major loss of money which you never want. Thus playing for fake money is both fun and a good practice pad for an aspiring poker pro.


Assess your strengths and weaknesses in the game you are playing. You must know the pattern you resort to while playing poker. This will help you identify your loopholes so that you can work on those areas with special stress and polish yourself as a poker player. It is a good ideal to open an online account through which you can play poker with the help of ‘free play chips’. This is a great way to consistently work on yourself and become a successful poker player in the real game where money spins big time.


This is the stage where you must start going through the basic and the complicated poker strategies. After having a fair amount of experience in playing poker for free, you will acquire a perspective for this game. This is when the high end strategies need to be learnt so that you can improvise on the game by applying those strategies appropriately.


Lastly, a poker play can be talented only when he/she has played an endless series of games. Keep playing; do not get discouraged by temporary losses. You will evolve as a player by implementing the poker strategies in the course of the game. The quality of your implementation will improve from one game to another. So, be a dedicated and a patient poker player to become a successful online poker pro.


How to Make a Living on Poker

The game of Poker has become the latest buzzword. In recent times, an increased number of people are showing an interest in the game. Many are also making a living out of it. A career in poker can be both challenging and exciting and it is seriously not meant for everyone. This does not mean that it is highly difficult to become a poker professional of uk live casino. Just that for those of you looking at a career in professional poker and want to make a successful move should consider a number of things.

First of all, you should decide whether you want to make it a full time profession or make some extra money in between jobs. Most professionals view this as a fleeting job. It takes time to become a connoisseur poker player. But if you have the determination and lady luck, you can make lots of money and this can surely be a dream job!

Dedication and risk-taking ability

Those who want to make a career in professional poker game should have the dedication for the game. He should have patience and understand that success is not likely to come overnight. He should also have the willingness to take risks. However, he should not be overconfident and take strategic steps. There is no guarantee when you will win or lose. Only those people who are strong-willed and possess the above qualities should try their hands in this profession.

Making Smart and right moves

Those who wish to make a living out of poker should carefully choose the game. They should be careful not to start with a huge blind game, even if he has a substantial bankroll. Planning is very important in poker to begin with. Make a game plan. Learn all the blinds in the game. As a newbie, it is a smarter idea to play smaller blinds. With experience, one can chose to go for bigger blinds. Like any other profession, you should first play the low-limit games and then gradually climb the ladder once you are familiar with all the right moves and techniques such as bluffing, pot odds, outs and so on. Get to the event suzie kennedy marilyn monroe, to learn more. The moment you can make out your bankroll is reducing; it is a wise thing to move out than getting stubborn and losing out on everything.

Time Management

You should put in a specific number of hours in the game every week just like any other profession. This will make your work more organized and help you plan your other activities. It is not a good idea to be a pokerholic, a common feature seen among professional online pokers. Spend quality time not sacrificing your personal happiness. This will also help you develop a positive attitude towards the profession.

Coping with stress

Poker is a highly stressful game. So only those who can cope with this stress should take it up as a profession. There may not be a guaranteed paycheck every month. It requires stamina, patience and a lot of positive energy. However, do not be overconfident and cocky. In case you do not get the desired result, you should learn to take things in your stride.


Becoming a Poker Pro

Being an expert of online poker might seem to be a little tedious. However, if you can actually become a poker professional, you can live on poker for a long time to come. All it demands is your consistent effort to update yourself and do your own research to be a veteran in the field of poker. The tricks, promptness and the urge to make more and more money out of playing a wise poker game collectively is what makes poker a fantasy for many. Once you master the art of managing the intricacies of poker, you can become a successful poker professional.

If you wish to become a poker professional, it is important that you first specialize your skill in this game. Poker involves a sea of games and laced with them are a sea of rules, formats, limits, categories of sit and go games etc. Do not try to master all kinds of poker games overnight; you will land yourself in big trouble. Go slow; spend time to master poker games one by one followed by consistent practice and brain storming. This way you will be able to understand the game well and make good amount of money.

Second, if you think poker is about luck, guesses and hunches, you are majorly mistaken. The game involves mind game, memory and intelligence and you must have your eyes and ears open every moment throughout the game. This is what you need to master in order to become a big time poker professional.

Third, you need to find out for yourself, the poker game you are best at. Once you figure that out, simply master the game. It is recommended that do not try out games randomly; stick to the game that suit you the best. It is always profitable to master a single game than trying your hand on several kinds of poker games.

Figure out the category of poker which you are good at and then stick to that type. This will increase chances of you winning. This is because when you concentrate on a single type of poker, your mind streamlines its focus. Thus you become a quality player and eventually a professional in the world of poker!

When you are playing, you not only need to give attention to your game, you need to pay equal attention to how the other players are. Note their behavior, this goes a long way in making you win. This is because you familiarize yourself with the idiosyncrasies including their mistake-patterns of your fellow players.

Lastly master the software tools that you might find helpful in poker. You would be surprised to know that poker can get you a lot of money but very few can actually become a successful poker professional. If you follow the notes above, then you can actually be a big time poker person. Stick to one type of game, try notice the behavior of fellow players, focus on your game and you can derive serious profit from poker.